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Jayne May started Zoe’s Journey UK, supporting the AHT’s cancer research in dogs, after her own experience with her Golden Retriever, Zoe. Aged 12, Zoe was diagnosed with stage three lymphoma. Jayne decided to go ahead with treatment and against the odds - Zoe responded to chemotherapy and after 20 months of treatment beat her cancer. However, there are hundreds of dogs that aren’t so lucky. Sadly Zoe passed away in June 2016. From old age and not from cancer. Jayne and her team are still raising funds for the AHT to help other dogs that aren't so lucky. Jayne has now raised over £100.000 for The Animal Health Trust.

By buying a Zoe's Journey UK branded item, you will be helping the AHT fight cancer in dogs through research of common cancers like mast cell tumours, lymphoma and uveal melanoma.

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